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Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal

Class act and advocate for Aboriginal Arts, Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal moves you in ways that include you, question what you know, and bring you closer to the true roots of connectivity. The ambitious artist, and rightfully so as she was the BMO First Art Award Grand Prize Winner in 2015, for her work Back into the Earth: Creations and the Interpretations of Meaning. An artist to keep your eyes on in the Canadian emerging artist scene, Tamara will connect you with community morals and Mother Earth.

What do you want to say about your artistic endeavors so far?

They’ve been ambitious! I always try to push myself to new heights so that I never stay stagnant on one image, material, or idea. At every level of creation, I prefer to include others in the process to help inform the work with more voices and experiences. 

Why did you want to get a creative education anyways?

I wanted to surround myself in an environment that supports a very diverse array of people so that we could all learn something from each other. What I didn’t realize would be such an integral part of my education, was seeing the evolutionary development of those around me throughout the years.

How important is contemporary culture in your art practice? 

It’s very important because it gives me something to analyze when I’m considering a more traditional mode of life. This is a large jumping off point of where I find my inspiration stemming from.

Who aren't artists?

 Those who haven’t acknowledged themselves with the ability to create.

 What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

 “It may take awhile after art school is over, for you to start creating again on your own terms. That is okay. When you do start making art after this lapse, it will be for you and you alone, without the push for ideas to come from anyone else but yourself. You will create because there is an inner desire you must answer. “

You can see more of Tamara's work at tamaraleeannecardinal.com
Follow Tamara on Instagram @tamaralacardinal