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Daniel Cleghorn

A true Jack of all trades, Daniel Cleghorn works perfectly in the 3-dimensional realm. With his sculpture and video work, he delves in to themes such as metaphor, escape, and fear. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, he has recently been working in China. Finding his true path is what runs through this man's mind on a daily basis. 

What was the biggest pain in the ass in pursuing something creative as a career?

 Being stubborn enough to not give up before a breakthrough but also being honest and willing enough to go with the flow of your practice and/ or art piece. It’s a hard balancing act to achieve but the most important part is being honest with yourself and what you want. You really have to ask yourself if it is something you want or something that you have tried for, for so long, holding on to it for so long. But it’s important to question to yourself and what you’re doing. My teacher in high school called it a COF or Crisis Of Faith. As an artist we’re always going to have these COF’s and question why we are doing it, what are we doing and should we be doing it. But these are a good way to check your balance between being stubborn and going with the flow. Where after you question yourself and have gone through those questions you know you’re meant to be in the arts for a bit longer. And if not, you’re not a failure or a part of those when didn’t continue your involments in the arts but only have evolved it in to something new. You can take the artist out of the art world but you can’t take the art out of the artist.

Eight months of production, six musicians, two producers and myself have come together to create Fractured Perspective. It investigates the contours of truth within a signal narratives through the perspective of multiple individuals

What's wrong with "art"? or the "art world"?

 There is nothing wrong with art. Art is the great unifier in any media and form. From cooking, to literature or fine art to Dancing, all of them share the same goal or practice of bringing people together. Where I find a flaw with the art world is that it does the opposite. Yes it brings people of the same community together (to an extent) but it makes itself inaccessible to the masses and makes itself inclusive not even for the reason of the integrity of the art work or art history but instead for one’s own personal career advancement. For example, we all agree that when you go to an opening, you can’t truly experience the art (with exceptions) but my real question is how many people from those openings actually come in afterwards to check out the art work. From working at multiple galleries I can assure you it’s not that many. 

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

 Draw what you see and not what you know. It was given to me in grade 8 as advice to draw a nose. As the teacher further explained, nose is not comprised of lines but instead shades and contrast of one another. Although it was use as advice for drawing, I’ve used it for every media and especially conceptual art. Where if only do the things you know then you don’t grow. When you create and conceptualize what you see and it’s an honest perspective on the object, event or concept, it create room for conversation because of the perspective of values.

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