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Welcome to 1-10

Hello reader! Welcome to 1-10; I'm your author Jordan Baraniecki.

The idea for this blog came from a collection of poorly written, half-finished, unedited articles of mine.  I kept struggling with what I thought readers would want to hear and not what I wanted to voice.  So, what I want to voice, is the opinions of others.  Im very curious about who people are and how their experiences have shaped them up to this point in their lives.  

1-10 came from the idea of a rating one to ten. Everything in our contemporary world is rated, in way or another, so why not embrace this philosophy?  My goal is to bring a collection of arts-related articles, reviews, and so on, from a collection of people.  Whether their backgrounds began here or elsewhere, my hope is to provide you, the reader, with unique perspectives on the contemporary "art" world.

The first order of business for 1-10 was to gather a group of artists that share the same umbrella of "art", but venture in all different directions on what that entails. I have been contacting them directly but if you or someone you know is pursuing an "arts-related career", contact me.  I would be very curious to hear about as many people as I can.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming blog posts that will open your eyes to the perspectives of myself and most importantly, of others.  And again, welcome!