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A Source of Fire - Flint Saloon (Part 1)

Originally a gun range, Flint Saloon, is indeed a place of fire here in Saskatoon, Canada.  The exterior is crafted with eye-catching murals and the inside, like a glamorous living room. Situated at the corner of 2nd Avenue, which is arguably the most happening street in the downtown core, it’s one of the first specialty cocktails bars to open here.  This place has been running strong for ten years now and it has no signs of slowing down. 

Sharing the space with another organization Poached Bistro, a fantastic breakfast place in the mornings, Flint opens its doors at 4pm and goes till 2am.  On the clock, the two businesses have their doors open for a combined 18 hours of the day.  For Flint, it's a great place to simply have a drink and grab a bite, but if you swing by on an event night, which happens more often than not, you'll be completely surprised on what the space is really all about. 

Flint has one key component that not all businesses have–the fire starter.  From the relentless energy of its manager whom decided the space could be more than just another bar downtown, but rather, a place to show art, play music, and run unique events every other day. Brennan Elliott has been working at Flint for over four years now and he’s assembled a great group of employees that consistently creates a welcoming atmosphere for the public.

Brennan was hired after designing a poster for a DJ act. Now, he’s the manager and the undefined curator.  Not particularly drawn to the conventional white walls and bright lights of a contemporary gallery, he is very driven to promote the Saskatoon scene in his own way.  Keeping the process comfortable for the artists and DJ’s, he hopes they feel the same when they exhibit or spin.

Flint is one of the best unorthodox, mixed-media spaces in Saskatoon and they're guided in the right direction thanks to Brennan and his team.  This space has evolved from a downtown corner bar into a non-conventional yet flavourful community space, that is just plain cool.  It's like a living room that never changes with its welcoming feel, but every other week, a new set of fireworks are being set off; smack dab in the middle. 

Brennen Elliott's show Short Story Long will be up till January 4, 2017.   Exhibiting his unseen work, it's a well deserved show for all the hard work he's put in for the artists before him.

Stay tuned for A Source of Fire - Flint Saloon (Part 2 - The Art) and (Part 3 - The Music) in the near future. 

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