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Lauren May

Saskatoon local Lauren May is an emerging actress that covers all the spectrums of an acting career. On top of her acting career, she is a writer and producer. For her most recent endeavour, Lauren is producing and acting in The Inconquerable Faith of Gladys Struthers and Others during the 2017 Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival. A quiet presence yet driven by fire, Lauren is one to watch for.

Lauren1-BeattyOei: Photo by Gaelan Beatty. BeattyOei Photography, 2016. 

What is the biggest pain in the ass in pursuing something creative as a career?

My biggest challenge has been building up the confidence to call myself an artist. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in believing that you are not good enough, that your work isn’t valid, and that any minute now, you’re going to be found out. Getting in my own way has been the biggest pain in my ass – when I tell myself I’m not good enough, it effects my process and the work I do. Having a strong support system has helped me tremendously.

Lauren4-ChrisGraham: Gaelan Beatty, Lauren May and Kyle Kuchirka in Globe Theatre's Peter and the Starcatcher. Photo by Chris Graham. Photo manipulation by Hayley Peters.

What's integral to the work you produce?

Having fun and relaxing into my work is the greatest determinate on whether or not I have a good performance. After pouring hours into research and preparation, I need to remind myself that yes, I’m allowed to relax now, and yes, I can have fun doing the thing I love. When I trust my work, and let that trust inform my performance, I’m able to give more of myself in an organic way.


What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Never work for other people. In everything you do, do it for yourself. The best work I’ve ever done has come from a drive I have found within myself. Yes, I can have mentors and bosses, and I can be guided, inspired, directed, and influenced – but if I’m not doing the work for myself and am only trying to please others, I’m not going to enjoy my work and the audience probably wont either. I struggle with putting myself first and taking care of myself all the time.

Is the artistic life lonely?

Lauren2-JordanBzdel:Lauren May in Hypneurosis (It's Not a Box Theatre, 2015). Photo by Jordan Bzdel.

Any career choice can be lonely if you don’t have a solid support system. I rely heavily on my friends and family (cat included) to help me through the times when I’m feeling like my work isn’t good enough or when I feel like I might not get hired at all. I’m so lucky to have a career that pushes me and gives me a sense of fulfillment, but I wouldn’t be able to wake up happy without knowing I have unwavering support, whether or not I’m a working artist. 

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