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A Source of Fire - Flint Saloon (Part 2 - The Art)

If you’ve been to Saskatoon’s Flint Saloon, you’ll notice the artwork on the walls is always changing.  With roughly 40 art shows to date, Brennan Elliott and his team have consistently represented a diverse group of emerging artists in the speciality cocktail bar.  Away from the white walls and bright lights of a conventional gallery, it’s a place that allows an artist to present their work in a comfortable atmosphere.  With many exciting events coming in 2017, Flint’s artistic endeavours will keep you coming through the doors for more than just their delicious cocktails.

Flint Saloon is an ever-changing art space that has a new show about every two weeks.  “I have grave respect for the multidisciplinary and multicultural artist approach”, Brennan says. It’s not uncommon for him to personally ask the artists he wants to show, which allows for a diverse representation of Saskatoon’s local scene.  Over the years of showing artists and music, his selection of artists gives the public new perspectives on everything from abstract to realism.

One of the most notable achievements at Flint was the Chalk Show in 2016.  This event was massive.  The space inside housed 21 different artists who created an artwork using chalk.  The artists consisted of people who were part of solo or group shows at Flint before, which made for a humbling way to get artists together.  Over the course of the evening there were three different dj’s.  Having all of them under one roof for the night was an excellent way to keep the music diverse and the atmosphere ever-changing.

It’s amazing what’s all been done there [Flint] considering it’s not a gallery and has no association with anything or anyone. Just people who push, create, and build each other up in a super inclusive way.
— Chad Coombs

Not specifically part of the Chalk Show, but perfectly paired for the evening, local artists Chad Coombs and Ryan Kerpan created two unique pieces.  Coombs created a single line drawing of Saskatoon's downtown people that conceals a hidden message about the less fortunate and homeless. Kerpan created a powerful pop-text piece that reads “Focus On Your Abilities”, in big and bold lettering.  The very words he wrote allowed him to trust his instinct and focus on his abilities.  The mural work on the outside of Flint is something you cannot miss when you venture downtown on 2nd Avenue.

What’s unique and welcoming about Flint Saloon as a cultural space for artists is that it’s constantly growing, it’s constantly including, and it’s always open to new ideas.  Brennan Elliott has not disclosed too much about 2017, but he says the year will have some exciting events coming very soon.

Happening next month as the first order of business for 2017 is the New Year, New You show. With a group of 18 artists, they have been paired with another to construct a portrait artwork.  Everything is open to interpretation and the outcome will be just as diverse as the group of artists involved.  Come out for the event on February 2nd, 2017 at Flint Saloon. 

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