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Kate Grey

Often quiet and to-the-point, ceramic artist Kate Grey will give you the words necessary, with no need for more. In terms of a portrait, who needs one, when your work can do the talking? Experimenting with different media her video and video-overlay techniques provide the information that one will seek when observing her artwork. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Why did you want to get a creative education anyways?

My mentor asked me a couple weeks ago if I didn’t pursue an artistic career what would I have done instead, I didn’t have an answer for her.  It was never a question of why did I choose to be creative but more a question of what material was I to be most creative with.  That answer was clay. So to answer your question, I wanted to get a creative education because I saw myself doing nothing else.

What's wrong with "art"? or the "art world"?

Lack of education for both the artist and the general public.  Education for the artist so that they may have a better chance at being successful post-graduation and education of the general public so that they place more importance on the cultural and economic significance of art.  This will improve the imbalance between artists and members of the public and so they will stop distrusting provincial and federal governments supporting the arts.

What characteristics do you have to possess to follow an artistic career path?

The ability to brush off a bad situation, critique and the number of closed doors you may receive.  If you can’t brush it off easy then having one or two go-to people that can help you do that and support you when the art world hits you hard.

What's integral to the work you produce?

Connection between past, present and future of art making.  Reference a past process, idea or issue and contrast it with a current process, idea or issue in hopes of changing an attitude within the art world or society in the future. 

Who aren't artists?

People without a history of art making or art education that tell you [the artist] what you should be making.  This is different from Patrons commissioning work or peers/teachers critiquing your work.  Instead these folks in so many words tell you that you're poor, will never make money and if you did their bright idea it's going to pave the way to success.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

“If you don’t pick a side someone will pick it for you” Greg Payce

“When you begin with a concept then the work is already conceptual” Jane Bruce

I began my art education at ACAD and was fortunate enough to meet Jane Bruce and to be a student in Greg Payce’s ceramic chemistry class.  I have never forgotten these two pieces of advice. 

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