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A Source of Fire - Flint Saloon (Part 3 - The Music)

Flint Saloon has been around for just over 10 years on the corner of 2nd Avenue in Saskatoon, SK.  Arguably the coolest cocktail bar that does more than just serve amazing drinks, from fantastic servers and bartenders, it has its cultural importance in the arts and music realm.  Whether you're cozied up inside during a winter day or enjoying the space as the cool breeze comes through the front-facing garage door, Flint is the place to enjoy local art and music. 

With art openings every other week and tons of cool group projects in the past year, it's the 2nd Avenue bar that goes above and beyond.  To add it its creative and cultural pizzazz, Flint has a group of diverse DJ's (Sunglasses After Dark, DJ Marketmall, MVKO, and TEFRONDON, The Gaff and Charlie Hustle) that share the same love of musical experimentation.  All with unique styles and a specific Wednesday during the month, you can come down for local music at no cover.  If you swing by on the last Thursday of the month you will also catch The Gaff and Charlie Hustle spinning their beats.  I got in touch with the artists of Wednesday and asked them about their time at Flint and what this place really means to Saskatoon's cultural output of artists.

What are your thoughts on Flint as an unorthodox cultural space in Saskatoon.

"This space is breathing life into the arts/music scene in Sask.  I feel like there are so many talented people in the city without a venue to gather, chill, share their work, meet each other, etc.  Without a space like this a lot of talented people would probably end up living and working out of their basement/bedrooms/studio spaces and living and sharing their work solely online.  Because of Flint, Saskatoon's young and up-and-comers have a place to go.  Truly thankful for this space." – MVKO

"Flint’s becoming the best spot for local artist to showcase their work and for all the music heads that just want to kick back and listen.  The Saloon is Saskatoon’s hidden gem spot." – TEFRONDON 

How has your experience been when you play at Flint Saloon?

"I love it.  I can try out new things and hang out with friends and have a few cocktails and it’s great.  Especially in the summer with the door open." – DJ Marketmall

"I still play records down there and despite all the changes in technology over the last decade... I probably always will.  I am approaching 300 nights of DJing there and am having as much fun as ever." – Sunglasses After Dark

Artistically, Flint Saloon continually provides a well-rounded art, music, and welcoming vibe to the Saskatoon community.  With Brennan Elliott and his great employees to help him with all artistic endeavours, their heart is in the right place for what goes on under, above, and outside Flint's walls.  Stated so perfectly amongst the DJ's of Flint, I cannot put into words any better than what they've stated this place means to them, myself, the artistic community, and the general public.

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Photo rights to Brennen Elliott, Jordan Baraniecki, MVKO, and Ron Baldoza © 2017
A special thank you to Brennan Elliott, as well as all the artist's and DJ's who contributed their media and opinions on this 3-Part Series of Saskatoon's very own Flint Saloon.