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Emerging singer-songwriter from Regina, SK, LOA is the feminine force behind the new-wave music that’s rising out of the prairie soil. With an ambient and alluring sound, the electronic R&B/soul artist will have you lured into the darkness, begging for more. Premiering her first single Funeral she speaks about the death of previous identities in exchange for finding strength in a new one. With her own coalescence of dark mysticism to the genre, she is known by many as the "3 Witch". Performing across Canada and preparing for a Canadian and UK tour this Spring, she has been noticed by Regina Discovery Chart Attack’s yearend article The Best Music of 2016 From Cities Around Canada.

Does ambiguity play a role in the way you present yourself ?

I like to flirt with the line between ambiguity and definitive. On one hand, I can be very explicit through my lyricism and movement on stage. However, my overtness is not meant to impose any singular notion. My intention is to evoke the sensuality I reveal within the listener. In order to achieve this, I perform a balancing act both on and off stage. I reveal enough of myself to challenge the norm, but conceal enough of myself to enable the listener to connect with me through the manifestation of his or her own desires. 

If your style was summed up into three words, what would they be?

Dark, Low-key, Vibey.

What characteristics do you have to possess to follow an artistic career path?

I believe that in order to pursue an uncertain career path, one must possess a fearlessness that comes from already having lived through the full extent of one’s own self-doubt. In other words, once one has seen the worst in humanity, one truly has no reason to restrict their creative practice. Another characteristic every artist must possess is a weighing amount of introspection. In order to be perpetually creating, it is necessary to feel and reflect on things on a deeper level than the common individual.  This is the only way to stay continually inspired.

Take me through one of your most creative days.

I find that most of my inspiration comes to me when it’s dark outside, so I will take you through one of my creative evenings. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of space to myself, so I would often spend a lot of time in my car thinking and writing. This practice carried on through the years, even after I moved into my own apartment. My Hyundai was my home. A creatively productive evening for me would usually start after a late dinner, followed by a long night of driving until the early hours of the dawn. Lapping familiar streets, smoking, I would occasionally pull over, typing lyrics into my notes app. This is my creative practice in songwriting.

Where did you get your start?

My mother always loved music. She gave me my start in music by enrolling me in voice lessons through a local church with a man named Hart Godden. I grew to adore singing.  Hart fostered this adoration from when I was 5 until I reached adulthood. All of my technical vocal ability and passion for music came from him.

Then came Marvin Chan. I began posting cover videos online as another musical outlet for myself.  Marvin found me through these videos. He sent me a message out of the blue asking, “do you want to record something sometime?” I replied “absolutely”, and this was when we starting working on my Key EP together. Everything I’ve accomplished in my professional creative career so far I owe to Marvin, the Trifecta crew, and my amazing producer Walter Jeworski.

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