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Perspectives From Behind The Lense

Between the years of 2014 and 2017, Trifecta Music Festival established their network of smaller “niche” music genres and gave them life on the main stage. Amongst a predominant market of folk, rock, and country music, which Saskatchewan does very well, Trifecta established a platform filled with unique individuals that share the same love for hip-hop and R&B to hardcore and punk. Performing in the "Queen City", Regina, Saskatchewan, Trifecta has grown in the size of its events and is shortly venturing to the "Bridge City", Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the first two-part concert series. 

The original Trifecta festival started as one-day, admission-free, outdoor arts and culture festival with 8 bands. Bringing these individuals to the stage to share their music was bringing it into the light–a place where most of the groups should be. It has now transpired into much more. This past summer, Trifecta Music Festival had a lineup of 25 bands and 8 DJs. This did not include all the other culturally-incorporated events. Live painting, art markets filled with local and vintage clothing brands, as well as alternative physical activities like yoga and contact juggling were part of the two-day festival.

From the Trifecta Music Festivals and Trifecta Concert Series, a group of artists began a collective in 2015. Consisting of DJs, rappers, and singers that primarily revolve around R&B, hip-pop, and pop, they formed Trifecta Artist Collective. In addition to recording their own sounds, each artist has contributed in one way or another at the festivals and concerts. They began collaborating on songs and tours in spring 2016, and as of late, they are planning some big events for 2017.

I got in touch with Marvin Chan who is one-part of DGS Samurai Champs and Creative Director of Trifecta Music Festival. He told me a little bit about what kind of exposure the artists have gotten.

“Regarding their creative works, the individual artists of the collective have individually garnered considerable press coverage, receiving features and premiers on press outlets such as Noisey, Exclaim!, and CBC. Many of them have also performed nationally, touring across Canada and performing in festivals such as Canadian Music Week and BreakOut West, as well as begun to perform internationally, performing in festivals such as Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.” 

Catching all the action are two official photographers for the Trifecta Music Collective and Trifecta music events. Jon Chan of athirdtime Photography and Taylor Ross-Robinson Photography see the shows behind the lense and from perspectives that the general public might not get a glimpse of. Have no fear as both of these photographers have taken exceptional photographs of the artists and events. I was particularly interested in what goes on at night during the Trifecta music events so Jon and Taylor shared their words on what it’s like to capture the essence of an evening show.

What are important elements to focus on when shooting the night events?

Jon Chan This might sound pretentious, but the most important thing is to capture the atmosphere. A lot of my favourite photos are not technically good photos but show that ‘human element’ that people seem to respond to. It can be a performer right when they are in flow with the performance or the audience enjoying the company that they are sharing. All of it contributes to the feeling of the event, and that is often the hardest thing to capture on a regular basis.

Is there a difference for shooting night events as opposed to other events?

Taylor Ross-Robinson Shooting music events to me is just the same as any other type of shooting. I am enjoying being in the moment and just capture whatever I see as beautiful. I think the enjoyment of listening to music and also having my camera with me creates an excitement that amplifies my experience. I think while shooting live music it is important to capture the vibe that the artist delivers and the emotion behind it. This focus really creates space for staying in that moment and taking it all in.

If there a different mindset when you shoot an event, oppose to simply watching and listening?

JC I would think that consuming a performance becomes a bit more passive when you are shooting. Instead of fully listening, you’re thinking about how to capture the performance and where you need to go to accomplish that in an interesting way. As the audience and the artists continue to move and get more comfortable, you begin to see more of these interesting angles to shoot from. As long as it doesn’t disturb the audience, it’s good to explore as many vantage points as possible.

What does Trifecta Music Festivals and Concert Series do for Regina and promoting creative endeavours?

TRR Trifecta adds to the music scene in Regina. Bringing together artists of all genres and sharing their talents with everyone who comes to and hears about the shows. It's a community and it's so nice to be able to spend time listening to talented musicians but to also have had the opportunity to create meaningful relationships while doing the same.

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Trifecta Concert Series is launching its first two-part arts and culture night in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on February 22, 2017 at Flint Saloon. Local DJ TEFRONDON will be the DJ host, and LOA and The Wrongkrowd will be performing. Taylor Ross-Robinson will be presenting her work as well. 

On March 29, 2017, same place, new music, and new art. Local DJ vbnd will be the DJ host, and DGS Samurai Champs and Wearelabrats will be performing. Jon Chan of athirdtime Photography will be presenting his work. 

For more information on the event check it out
To keep in the loop with Trifecta Music Events and Concert Series follow @trifectayqr and visit their website
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