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Surf Dads

A two-man band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Surf Dad's has been described as "Weezer on Speed". And rightly so, as they are a high energy, indie-banging, blowing-the-lid off duo. Touring relentlessly, including a period with mid­-fi indie darlings Library Voices, their first year saw nearly 100 shows throughout North America and the UK. After appearances at festivals such as M For Montreal, Canadian Music Week, The Great Escape, and Liverpool Sound City, these guys are the epitome of hitting the ground running. 

How did you two meet?

Chris: We met from playing in different bands in the scene. Both starting mostly in hardcore bands. Eventually we joined the same hardcore band and started Surf Dads for fun at the time and it turned into something that we really loved. 

Gage: Yeah, basically Chris was the guy whose guitar strap fell off at every show, and I was always the dude who would fix it while he kept playing. Eventually we found out he was actually a ridiculous drummer and the rest is history. 

How does one keep their spirits up when they tour relentlessly?

C: Lots of good tunes in the van and eating on time. Things go very south when you get hangry.

G: I second that for sure. I'm a big believer that a good breakfast is the only way to start a day. Honestly though, we've always had the best guys with us on the road so staying positive has never been hard for us. Even after a bad show, bad sleep, and a blown out tire, someone will crack a joke and everything else dissolves. 

What's the Crappiest job you've had?

C: Gage was a paramedic for 4 days.

G: Well, that's not quite right. I went to paramedic SCHOOL for 4 days, once. I've never really had a bad job...but I guess it would be a two way tie. I hated flipping paddies at Dairy Queen and shovelling potash was not my calling. 

Take me through one of your most creative days.

C: A day where we write the most involves us locking ourselves in my basement, hashing out and demo'ing tunes. Eventually we find something we really enjoy and working towards it. Going for burritos is also very crucial, so is Grand Theft Auto 5. 

G: I think the most creative process we had was our Summer Vacation EP. We legitimately wrote that whole thing in a couple days. I normally get hung up on lyrics for a long time, but I just locked myself in the control room and forced myself to pen some words. 

Who are your artistic influences and why?

C: Some of our biggest influences when starting this were bands like Weezer, Wavves, Bully & Cloud Nothings. We really enjoyed the style these bands had as far as song writing and production quality. Now, since touring our influences have turned into Kanye West, Metallica, and the first 2 Linkin Park albums.

G: Hahah, Chris really nailed that. I was also listening to a lot of Third Eye Blind when I wrote some of our new songs, so that could be interesting. I also draw a lot of inspiration from our friends. Regina has some of the most talented people I've ever met and I find myself listening to my friends' bands more than anything else. 

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