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Eleven 03 Apparel - The Brand

Founded in 2014, ELEVEN03 was created after childhood friends Logan Tanner and Luke Baird were reunited by a move to 1103 Main in Saskatoon, SK. As a means to create, collaborate, and inspire each other, ELEVEN03 represents a fashion and culture that puts a focus on the friends, family, and people who make the brand possible. With a focus on bringing creatives together, they look to fulfill dreams into realities.

The two individuals behind the company are Logan Tanner and Luke Baird. Logan is a graphic designer and graduate of Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. He discovered his passion for design at an early age and took classes throughout high school to better his skills in this area. It wasn't until he began forming bands with his friends that he saw how graphic design could be used to brand something. He designed logos, t-shirts, and Myspace pages for numerous bands that he played in. During his time in college he worked with clients and learned to professionally run a business and develop a brand. Since the launch of ELEVEN03, Logan is the Manager and mastermind behind the graphics of the company. 

Luke is a fashion designer. Growing up in a small town where he didn't fit in so he used fashion as a way to express himself. From an early age it was clear that Luke had a fashion sense ahead of his time and at the age of 17 he launched his first brand called Heavy Hitters, which had a lot of local success in Estevan, Saskatchewan. As his style and philosophy progressed, Luke had his eyes set on creating a new brand that was more mature and focused on handmade garments. He had the desire to start another brand, so with Logan by his side ELEVEN03 was born. Luke is now the Creative Director and Lead Fashion Designer, who designs, drafts, and sews all the garments.

As it is all about bringing together creatives, ELEVEN03 has four other team members that contribute differently to the company or to other artistic endeavours that are geared towards promoting the brand and local creatives. Julian Rioux is the main contributor to The Common Ground blog and host of The Common Ground Podcast. Jayden Schindel is the co-host of the podcast and he is also the marketing specialist for ELEVEN03. Tech-specialist Ryan Oman operates the behind the scenes photography and videography and engineers The Common Ground podcast. Lewis Oman is an apprenticing barber who is the official ELEVEN03 barber and brand ambassador. 

What is the purpose of Eleven03?

E03: It all goes back to family and friends. If you look at our team right now it’s our best friends in the world. We don’t make shit for money right now, but when the money does come they will have jobs that they can wake up every morning and be psyched to start the day. Another big part of it is giving the artistic, weird kids someone or something to look up to. We don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way but the prairies aren't the most open minded place, but when we succeed everyone will know it's okay to wear something others don’t understand, make a song that isn’t going to be on the radio, or make art that others cringe at. We want to be a brand that the 14 year-old versions of ourselves would look up to and be inspired by.

What are some creative projects that are happening outside of the garment business?

E03: Music is huge part of our lives and it's something we have been wanting to introduce to the ELEVEN03 brand for a while now. It wouldn’t be surprising if we start dropping a ton of our music projects in the near future, but everything we do is ELEVEN03. We don’t consider ourselves an apparel or clothing company. We are ELEVEN03, a brand that represents all of our creative endeavours. We have something for everyone, and we have the time of our lives doing it.

I got in touch with two of the models that have walked for ELEVEN03 at Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival. Asking Varnetta about the runway shows that highlight local clothing brands she stated, "It’s truly amazing seeing all the wonderful designers being able to showcase their work. It makes me incredibly proud to be a part of it all."

I asked Sheridan what it was like to represent ELEVEN03 in a runway show and she said, "It was weird, but in a good way you know? Like trying out new food and you end up loving it! The founders [Luke and Logan] were very accommodating and made me feel comfortable in showcasing their work. It was a new territory of style for me, but it was definitely worth stepping in to. I am excited to get in touch with them this coming Saskatchewan Fashion Week and showcase their work and hopefully for future projects as well."

With all the love and support of ELEVEN03's clothing and their other artistic endeavours, it's truly a brand that brings people together. Highlighting all the areas of the arts within Saskatchewan, this company has the potential to branch out further and further across Canada. With very strong roots in Saskatchewan and good heads on their shoulders, Logan, Luke, and their fantastic team of creative experts to propel the business forward. 

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