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Tonight [April 22], Wizwon will be having a show here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! I got in touch for a quick interview on what to expect at the show and all about his creative process. To find out more about the when and where's of the show, check out the flyer at the bottom of the article. 

Where did the title “Ghettos 2 Galaxies” stem from?

Honestly, I've been listing to this beat producer from the U.K. named "figub brazlevic" a lot while I painted. The name of one of his instrumental albums is called "ghettos to galaxies " while I was thinking of a name for the show this popped up and it fit perfect. Big ups to that dude.

With the help of Saskatchewan Arts Board, what does this mean for the progression of graffiti-based art?

I hope a lot of people come and check it out and see what I've created. I'm pretty excited to share this with Saskatoon and show a side of street art in my show, maybe even inspire a few minds to do the same in the future and apply for arts grants. I applied with the indigenous arts and put together an idea and went with it. With thanks to ekwol for the wise words and help during the process.


Can you tell me about the Dj’s you’ve chosen for the show? 

Both DJ s are really good friends from Regina. I've had a hand full of shows there and they've done everyone with me. I told them about the show and there always down to support. Merky Waters aka Chris Meek, has done tons of projects in Saskatchewan with many hip-hop artists who produces beats for artist like Regina's Def3, Pimpton, Info Red and many more dope dudes. Sknnykrs aka Chris Habte has been rolling with me since grade 3! But serious, he's another awesome DJ who knows his music to the T. These guys are dope and people are going to be dancing and nodding there heads.

What’s the venue like for the show?   

The Venue is hype. It's downtown at 120-2nd Ave North upstairs at the Olympia restaurant. I'm stoked on it! Lots of room for dancing and room to get around to see the art. 

To see the work of Wizwon check out his show April 22, Tonight!
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