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Ava Wild

Ava Wild is an up and coming act in the Queen City of Regina, Saskatchewan. Her soft and soothing voice is met with lyrics about drinking songs without alcohol; fairytales wrapped in leather; and an admiration for humanity. She is a story teller to the core. With her first EP BARE that was released in 2016 of her best work to-date, she is working towards her next with flare and fire that will highlight a continued representation of honesty and truth. 

Where did you get your start?

I began to learn new chords on the guitar onmy red stripy couch in my yellow living room during lunch times and late hours when my household felt quite. After writing my first song worthy of other ears, more compositions were created and I performed a full set list of original material at my first performance in 2014 at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. However, I feel like I’m still getting my start. With every person who attends my shows, every message I receive, every ear that happens to hear my voice, “beginnings” continue to guide me and new opportunities constantly call out to be embraced. 

Can you tell me about your crowns?

My project with crowns is called #BaringTheQueen (inspired by my song “Queen” off my debut EP BARE). Its purpose is to show that crowns are not necessarily made of glitter and gold. They are unique to each woman and are a symbol of feminine beauty and strength. So, I invite all women to make a crown. They can send me a picture via DM or with the hashtag. When do you feel like a Queen? I feel like a queen when I can sing as loud as I want, regardless if anyone is listening.

What other mediums do you explore that influence your music?

The Art of Conversation is an artistic medium that I enjoy exploring. It is a skill that is underrated but never the less everyone has a story to tell and something to teach.

I’m curious about the song “White Toothed Bastard”. Where did the title come from?

The song was inspired by a collage of events: performing to people riding a mechanical bull, my mother’s suitcase of dance costumes, mirrors, a dentist’s chair…I was near the end of completing my first grant and reflecting on the moments when I am forced express myself in a way that people will more easily understand. White Toothed Bastard felt like a fitting name for the practiced beauty that I have to endure sometimes.

 Did you have an artistic influence when you grew up?

Growing up is influence enough when it comes to being artistic. I think everyone is born with creativity, we all just decide to express it differently. I am thankful to how my family nurtured my creative interests and I value their support in art. From taking me to local performances and helping me memorize lines for school plays to applauding my basement shows and providing me with a CD collection, paper and other art supplies.            

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