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Poison - XANA

Emerging artist XANA who hails from the prairies of Regina, Saskatchewan has debuted her single Poison. The electro-pop artist approaches songwriting from an autobiographical point of view that takes the deep, dark secrets of our lives and brings them into the light.

What was the influence behind the single?

This song was inspired by a toxic person that was formerly a part of my life. The lyrics reflect the idea that we often want what we know is bad for us. We crave something real and the high that comes from situations that evoke intense emotion. I fulfilled that desire through a toxic relationship. Although I was fully aware that this connection was in vain, I kept coming back. I grew attached to the high, despite the increasingly intense lows that followed.

Can we expect to hear more songs like this from you or are you planning on a diverse release of songs?

The songs on my upcoming album are all fairly unique and personal to me. My song writing represents who I am through the contrast between the heavy percussive beats and the genuine vulnerability of the lyrics. Working with Jared Robinson on production and writing for the album helped me shape and find my sound. Each song has a different flair depending on my influence for the track during production, but there is still fluidity throughout the body of work.

What do you want to say about your artistic endeavours so far?

2016 was a year of creative experimentation, collaborations, preparation and overall growth. I wrote and recorded a full album with Jared Robinson at Nebulus Entertainment and came out of that with a better understanding of music production and co-writing. My involvement with Trifecta Productions started to grow into what has now earned my name a spot on the Trifecta Artist Collective. This year I am pushing the boundaries of what is expected at a live show and planning to use my skill-set to try something vastly different. I have a busy year ahead with the release of my album in August and my first major tour to follow, but very eager to showcase something I have put my heart and soul into.

What's integral to the work you produce?

It is integral to my music that every part of it is true to who I am. As I grow as a creative and continue to learn about the music industry, I am constantly changing and improving my plan. The thing that will always remain a constant throughout my growth is my honesty. My album is driven by genuine lyricism and emotive storytelling. It is very important to me that everything I create and share comes from a real place and that I come back to that as my “home base” if I ever lose sight of the big picture.

Who do you present to the world, and who are you behind closed doors?

Presently, the person behind my writing and the person I portray day to day are quite different. I am outwardly a very positive, light hearted, carefree individual, but I deal with a lot of internal struggles. I decided to rebrand my music as XANA because I felt as though I needed another identity to share my innermost thoughts and personal experiences. In the next few months, I will be altering my branding and with it, stepping out of my comfort zone. To stay to true to myself I decided I must own up to the raw emotion behind my writing and confess the deeper meaning in each song. My hope is that listeners will relate to my story and appreciate my honesty.

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