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Jordan’s drawing practice is how everything comes together. He creates with materials that expand in a way that appears magical. Using design tools like perspective, and elements such as space and line, he achieves a way of looking at the world that compares two and three-dimensional space.

There are subtleties of playfulness involved in his work and he tends to think about what the most essential components are. He gravitates towards materials that have the capacity to occupy a larger amount of space in their presentation, but are usually quite small in the way they are shipped and stored. His fascination with the seemingly empty spaces around him are how he chooses materials to represent that.

The inspiration for his work comes from the research in Metaphysics and the colour red. He envisions what his own self is telling him and the ways that he can be consciously aware of what is happening around his body. The first principles of being, knowing, and space are the subjects of Metaphysics that he’s curious about. His curiosity with the colour red comes from the capacity of the colour to represent both sides of the emotional-spectrum. Even when it doesn’t seem like anything prominent is going on, there is a world of changes happening at every instant.


Jordan Baraniecki was born, raised, and resides in Saskatoon, Canada. Having the opportunity to study at three different universities in Canada for his degree, he graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2016 with a major in Fine Art. Jordan primarily works in the realm of photography and drawing; jumping back and forth when one medium exhausts itself. In 2013 he took a year of philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan, which influenced his way of looking at the seemingly empty spaces of the world and transcribing those findings into works of art.

Baraniecki is a member of Invisible Art Collective International (2015)