Just when I think I know what I'm after, I decide to change course. To again, immerse myself in the unknown.

I've been obsessed with the way in which my own thoughts become apparent ever since philosophy became a major influence in my practice. It's the way I navigate through the world and how my own life is made clear. Although my practice centers around drawing, it works simultaneously with philosophical ideas of "the next step" and my own sketchbooks. My first love of photography is also intertwined, which comes to light when it needs to. 

Lately my fascination with the colour red has been the reoccurring palette in my work, alongside the need to create new marks and forms that allow 'space' to feel larger than it is. I design with the idea of something that can be compact in its' materials, but have the capacity to expand in its' presentation. 


Jordan Baraniecki was born, raised, and resides in Saskatoon. Having the opportunity to study at three different universities in Canada for his degree, he graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2016 with a major in Fine Art. Jordan primarily works in the realm of photography and drawing; jumping back and forth when one medium exhausts itself. In 2013 he took a year of philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan, which influenced his way of looking at the seemingly empty spaces of the world and transcribing those findings into a drawing.

As of late, Jordan has been reconnecting with his Polish heritage–to ask questions that pertain to his own identity and the influence of "place". In May he will be travelling to Lodz, Poland for an independently-guided residency. His fascination with family history and the past are themes he will examine during his stay. 

Baraniecki is a member of Invisible Art Collective International (2015)