I had the privilege of collaborating with Luke Baird from ELEVEN03 Apparel for the 2018 Chaos ‘84 runway show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, at PAVED Arts artist-run centre. The two of use created a sweater, which was inspired by Hannibal Lecter’s mask. It was combined with a piece of folded felt, that referenced a bib; and then, the Blood Bib sweater was born. The final male outfit was a white denim tuxedo that I was given free range to create with. Like a blank canvas, the front of the canvas was an exploration of red marks, which were inspired by my Poland artist residency in 2018. The black splatter was a combination of India Ink and acetone splatters across the jacket and pants, that were then connected with a shaky, continuous line.

Below are pictures from the runway show Chaos ‘84.

Text-based Project

A text-based project that was inspired by the jacket collaboration. Using a mini projector, I digitally-drew the text based work into the corner of the room. I played with the light of the projector and how the model could move amongst the text to highlight the jacket itself.

Model - Yasmine Cinco

Moments of Bliss - video short

Video short by RUSTGOD Productions and official photographer and videographer of ELEVEN03 Apparel and Music.