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Helping anxious people achieve professional and personal goals.

Let’s hone your thoughts, organize them a bit, and check off those goals.

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Working with me

New people and places can be intimidating, so our business together is all online. From the comforts of your home, we can have our candid discussions in a place that you can be yourself.

Having an active mind is not a bad thing. All we need to do, is focus on the right mindset and confidence to feel comfortable in completing your goals.

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Keys to Success:

Confidence & Articulation

That’s It.

Breathe. We will work on them both.

So Who Do I Help?

Do you have a strong desire to be seen and heard? Do you want to take on tasks in your professional and personal life, and complete them with ease? If you are seeking a creative approach to help with your direction in life, I encourage you to book a FREE strategy session.

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Who is Jordan Baraniecki?

Jordan Baraniecki grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. As a child, he found himself jumping from activity to activity. He had very active parents who put up with his starting-and-stopping attitude; but what Jordan was looking for, was a place amongst people. Somewhere he could “fit”.

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At a young age basketball was his biggest passion. He enjoyed the togetherness of sports, and he went on to coach basketball for 6 years. When his own basketball career didn’t pan out, he turned to photography and eventually, graphic design and fine art. It was a medium of self expression and his biggest passions throughout his art education were helping his peers realize their self-worth, their creative drive, and their true passions.

Jordan is someone who loves to have conversations with people and his greatest joy is to see them realize their own passions by listening to them. His B.F.A. education and background in philosophy allowed him to learn abstract ways of thinking, and to articulate in simple terms. He is a research junkie, an avid writer and sports fan in his spare time. Jordan prides himself on the ability to solve problems with creative solutions. He finds that the way he thinks outside the box can benefit who he works with and who he surrounds himself with. He is dedicated to help others realize their potential and give them guidance to the path they want to take.

Through, he helps coach and mentor his clients in a hybrid program that is all online. Jordan prides himself on having an environmentally friendly business. He operates with a computer, a phone and a pair of headphones; that’s all he needs to help his clients get a quality product; their true self.

“The art of living is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists of being sensitive to each moment, regarding it as utterly new and unique, and having the mind open and wholly receptive".” – Alan W. Watts

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