Far Reaching

various sizes - audio player, paper, pins, sound bar, speaker - 2019

The title comes from two ideas; the sound bar reaching as far from the outlet as possible and the attempt for sound reaching all corners of the room. Accompanied by a bass speaker and an audio player that is located under the paper-folded piece, this project is a collaborative open call for creative audio individuals to create a composition that is based on one of Jordan Baraniecki’s writings. The writing will be played through the speakers, while a viewer walks amongst the space to experience the room through a story.

This is an ongoing project. If you are interested in collaborating please send an email saying that you are interested in Far Reaching and the process will go from there.

alternate angles

Burning Bush

various sizes - audio-player, paper, pins, sound bar, speaker, thread - 2019

An audio project that involves the sound of an ominous track. Hidden amongst the paper folds are a sound bar and bass speaker that play a pulsing track with hints of screeching-saxophone. Partnering with local music artist vbnd, they pieced together a track that would build and lure someone into a space. The stillness of the paper and the sound component consider how our brains interpret sound, while its’ being emitted from something still.

This work can be shown in the light or in the dark on black painted walls.

alternate angles and details


extension cord, four fans, two lights, terraskin paper - 2019

Beauty in the mundane. Beauty in being. Be to exist. Cause to give rise to the phenomenon; and to make.

alternate angles and details

The Everyday Fantasy

various size - barbecue mat, electrical insulation, extension cord, light bulb, pin - 2019

What a world to live in, where the ordinary moves the lives of others.

alternate angles and details

From The Breath

various sizes - air, extension cord, fans (black and white), pin, thread, rare-Earth magnets - 2019


Infinite Potential

64” height - BBQ skewer, hooks, paper, thread - 2019

The work is about the infinite potential of 2-dimensional material, and how they can create a 3-dimensional space. The thread is created by the shadow from the black paper. This, dictates the width of the piece.

alternate angles

Artificial Wind

dimensions vary - audio recorder, cable, headphones, pins, wood panel - 2019

The ominous black panel has three small holes, and behind the panel itself is an audio recording device. The viewer is invited to blow air from their mouth at the panel to hear the artificial wind they create through a pair of headphones. However, this work is also voice activated. The viewer is recorded during the time that sound (wind or not) is around the black panel. The function of this artwork is to immerse oneself in their own sounds and the subtle sounds around them.

Thank you - Emily Zdunich

additional pictures

Video and Audio

In the video, the audio portion was taken from the recording device. You can hear the heightened sounds that the viewer makes as she walks up to the headphones, and you’ll hear clearly as she blows air into the panel itself.

Untitled (Swarm) No. 2

dimensions vary - paper, pins, and thread - 2019

The Swarm project is an indefinite collection of folded-paper works that utilizes two-dimensional materials to create a three-dimensional form. The space provided for each work is however big or however small the work needs to be. This project acknowledges positive and negative space within our tangible world from a metaphysical point of view.

alternate angles


Untitled (Swarm) No. 1

dimensions vary - paper, pins, and thread - 2019

The Swarm project is an indefinite collection of folded-paper works that utilizes two-dimensional materials to create a three-dimensional form. The space provided for each work is however big or however small the work needs to be. This project acknowledges positive and negative space within our tangible world from a metaphysical point of view.


Untitled (Reel)

dimensions vary - bubble wrap, extension cords, led lights, sticker - 2019

photographs in natural-light gallery space

photographs in darkened gallery

Untitled (Triplets)

dimensions vary - sports mesh, speaker cloth, stretched knit cloth - 2019


Untitled (Wild Hay Bales)

dimensions vary - bubble wrap, extension cord, LED light, steel hook mechanism - 2019

-photographs in a darkened gallery space-


Untitled (New Balance) Composition No. 1

94" x 53" x 34" - paper, marker, and pins on two walls - 2019

A collection of folded paper on two walls. Each paper is held onto the wall by one small black pin. The rules of the work were to have one paper touch the other. There is small black writing on the red paper that says “Original”, which signifies the first holes that were poked into the paper to play around with the compositions. As this work moves forward in different spaces, a collection of new holes will be made in that paper. This is my trusty red paper. Where it goes, I go to install it; as a work of call and response. Over the course of its’ life I’m curious to see how resilient the paper will be after the wear and tear of each new composition.

alternative angle and details

Untitled (Hard-left)

dimensions vary - thread, invisible thread, rare-Earth magnets, and pins on two walls - 2019


Untitled (Skiff)

dimensions vary - rare-Earth magnet, red gel, thread, pins on wall - 2019


Untitled (Skiff) detail.jpg

Empty Space - Composition No. 1

dimensions vary - projection on two surfaces (wall and window) - 2019

A projection on two different surfaces that reads “EMPTY SPACE”. The “EMPTY” is flat on the wall, however the “SPACE” is projected on three difference surfaces simply by the illumination of the projector onto the surface. The “A” is flat to the frame of the window, the “SP-CE” is trapped in the window pane, and the lighter-white “SP-CE” is projected onto the building outside.

Untitled (Trapped Cinema)

dimensions vary - black paper, oil paint, pins, projection - 2019

This work was created in the dark. With an oversized black paper physically pushed into the corners of a wall. The bends, the rolls, and the pushed-in edges are held in place with a handful of tiny black pins. Tiny rips to the paper, white smudges from my hands, and scuffs from the paper falling off the wall would be visible in the light. This work would have been easy to install with a third-arm or two people, but the importance of the work comes from the conceptual idea of a one-person install.

There is no perfection in the placement, or the bends, or the rolls. There is nothing proper about its’ installation, but rather, the paper has been nailed on the wall to simply be, in it’s place. The text is a Surrealist cut-up poem, which bends with the curvatures of the paper.

Projection Series


Titles are their text - various sizes - projection - 2019

Untitled (Self Portrait)

39.5" x 53.5" x 12.75"

clear-lay film, colour gel, felt, pins, rare-Earth magnets, steel-hook mechanism,  terraskin, thread - 2018

alternate angle and details

Untitled (Total Lure)

dimensions vary - invisible thread, clear-lay film, rare earth magnets, pins - 2018

It's a piece that is almost invisible to the space it occupies, Its' strung and pinned to a corner in the walls that creates a thin skeleton of invisible thread. A clear-lay film is draped over the thread – similar to a towel on a drying line – and is held in place with two small rare earth magnets, which show that there is 'something' in the space. Similar to the sheen of a fishing lure, there is the curiosity in the faint shimmer from the magnets, but also the shine from clear-lay film that creates a positive and reversed image of the viewer as one walks, and moves about the piece.


Untitled (Canal)

37" x 33" x 15.75" - paper, thread, and pins - 2018


Untitled (Demarcation)

39.5" x 84" x 14.5" - paper, thread, and pins - 2018

Shown at Gallery 330g, Saskatoon, SK - 2018


Untitled (Train Ride)

Dimensions vary - projection on wall - (3:14) - 2018

Untitled (Train Ride) is a video that is projected on two walls. It considers the difference in landscape from a fixed point of view; showing that the landscape changes not only from left to right, but also back and forth. In some cases, the video will look like its' moving into the middle of itself even though our mind knows that it is going one way.

The Untitled Collection

Solo exhibition in Lodz, Poland - 2018

A collection of drawings and temporary paper installation in the space.