Privacy Policy

At, I care deeply about your privacy. I believe my clients deserve to have their personal information kept private. In doing so the data collected through, which is an online business (Jordan is located at 1801 - 320 5th Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K2P5), will only be used for the information that helps Jordan Baraniecki himself get in touch with his clients for strategy sessions, scheduled appointments, Google Document exchanges (between coach and client), follow up emails (Gmail), and Facebook messages, audio calls, and video chats on

Jordan asks for the information of his clients as listed below:

first and last name - phone number - email - Facebook profile - occupation - credit card

In addition:

Jordan Baraniecki asks his clients about their past experiences with anxiety in a “Yes or No” format of questions. He also asks his clients to provide other necessary information that they (the client) feels necessary to share about themselves. This information is to further understand why the client is interested in working with Jordan, and will be used to better assess the potential-partnership between coach and client. is a company that operates primarily through Facebook. The information that is provided by the client is through a Squarespace form that is sent directly to Jordan’s Gmail email. All the information that is shown on the clients Facebook page is only used for the purpose of help the client with their personal and professional goals. does not share the information of the user with any other clients, unless they are asked and agreed first.

For any further questions about the matter, please contact