Terms and Conditions  


At JordanBaraniecki.com, the sole purpose is the completion of personal and professional goals. The regulations that are set out in the Terms and Conditions of this business is to provide the client with the best possible chance at completing their goals.


Jordan Baraniecki’s clients are trained through the primary conversation-tools of Facebook, which include messaging, audio calls, and video calls. Information is shared between Jordan (coach) and his clients through a Google Document as well. This document provides the personal and professional goals that are outlined for the client over the course of their program. It serves as a tool to document the new goals, challenges, mini-challenges, and questions that the client may have during the program.

During the process of working together, Jordan will make notes for future goals. As well, notes will be used to help Jordan get a better understanding of his clients. Notes are kept on the messaging Facebook page of JordanBaraniecki.com.  

Audio recordings and video chats may be reviewed later if Jordan needs to recollect a previous conversation for the client’s sake or for Jordan’s help with the client’s future goals.

At the conclusion of the program Jordan reserves the right to keep the notes between coach and client for help with is future client. Data of the previous clients is only used to better the upcoming new clients. It will not be shared amongst the future clients, nor will it be published without written or emailed consent of that specific client. Jordan specifically uses the notes to better his program and to tailor new programs in the future. If notes are used in a publication, whether that be an academic journal, magazine article, podcast, future blog post, or video interview, the name of the client is protected by either their first and last initial or a pseudonym.

Abusive Behaviour

Jordan Baraniecki reserves the right to terminate a client without refund and without warning if he/she expresses abusive behaviour towards Jordan. He reserves the right to ban them from the website and block them from social media. All of their information is deleted on behalf of Jordan Baraniecki following the termination of the client.

Logos, Domain, and Content 

Jordan Baraniecki reserves the right to all logos, domain names, and content that is created through JordanBaraniecki.com. Future videos, blog posts, book reviews, are reserved to the right of Jordan’s website, Facebook page, Instagram Page, and LinkedIn Page.

With written or email consent, Jordan agrees to share, promote, and advertise his company through third party blogs, websites, magazines, podcasts, and videos. A contract between Jordan Baraniecki and the third party will be discussed prior to the advertising of the company.

Jordan reserves the right to his intellectual property.

Final Outcome

Jordan Baraniecki provides the tools necessary to complete the goals that are agreed upon with the client. However, the sole responsibility for completing the goals is on the client themselves. Jordan does not hold the responsibility for the client, but rather, provides the guidance to best place his clients in a position to succeed.

In the event of the goals not being completed, Jordan reserves the right to gauge whether or not the partnership can continue longer or if the program is completed at this time. If Jordan believes the program should continue for an extended period of time, he has the right to create a new contract for the remaining time together with the client. The contract is given to the client if he or she accepts the new terms and conditions. Jordan reserves the right to decide if the client is willing to complete the goals he or she has set out or if the program finishes because of the lack of effort on the client’s end. Jordan takes full responsibility to make that judgement call for the betterment of JordanBaraniecki.com


Jordan Baraniecki has a direct deposit account that goes specifically into his business account. Payments are made over the phone or through Facebooks audio or video calling options. Credit card numbers are imputed into the payment system and are never kept on record.

Jordan reserves the right to wait for the payment to go through before starting the program.