Static No. 2

20" x 62" - Photographs - 2018


22" x 29" - Photograph - 2018

Dissolution is a moment in time that cannot distinctively be deciphered for an inside or outside perspective. It allows the photograph to hum in the middle; teeter on the edge of two kinds of spaces. If the photograph doesn't identify where the viewer should situate themselves in relation to they see, than what does that leave you?


30" x 20" - Photograph - 2018

Static is influenced by the definition. The photograph implies that there is nothing actively going on. A foggy day leaves no landscape. The television is turned off. The only object that connects the inside and outside is the screen door, yet the glass door is still closed. There are reflections that bring the two spaces together, and there are reflections that push them farther away. Is the static you or the photograph?


33" x 27" - Photograph - 2018


27" x 40" - Photograph - 2017

On The Spot

30" x 60" - Photograph - 2017

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Self Interest

(60) 4"x6" - 25.25" x 62.25" - Photographs - 2017

In Front and Beyond Another

60" x 40" - Photographs - 2017

Plucked From The City

20" - 30" - Photographs - 2017

My Neighbours

20" x 40" - Photographs - 2017

Rubus (Rose Family)

16" x 32" - Photograph - 2017

Youth - Photograph Series

New Life - Photography Series

New Life is a series of photographs that have been digitally manipulated. They were pulled until the very pixels could be seen as the individual lines that occupy each particle of light. At one point these photographs were something you and I could relate to on a pictorial level; and now there is nothing to be identified. We are now left with what truly matters, which is an experience of colour and form.  

ramify - unify - Photography Series

Black Pinched White - White Pinched Black