poems from sketchbooks

Insomnia Wave No.1

I developed insomnia in 2014 after I came back from Calgary, Alberta. This is a collection of drawings I drew in the dark by my bedside. I would have my eyes closed in the dark, I would grab a pen and write down my thoughts. I would then try and “box” in those thoughts; to try and understand them when I woke up the next morning. At the time, they were never to be shown and they were never artworks. What they have become to me is a freedom to express the dangers, the curiosity, and the power of a mind that could not rest.

for my friend - 06/03/2019


they talked about pride and details

how we understood the world

a feeling unliked by all; perhaps

all never wanting for anyone

we’re in an entire machine of a body

a different human when you’re asleep

northern lights, justice, bottles and ashtrays

a corner swarm

piecing together

i believe strongly

in not knowing everything

there will be different points of necessary

that will come together

looking back on the past to see

what is left of this world

is it corner enough?

if I were to make a faint scratch

they would have their own meaning

not simply a means to fill

but a means to unify

it might have to be someone else’s language

integrate towards the discards

higher for longer

self interest

blank knowledge

a body of water apart before

through shame i claim envision

where this would be going for me

he writes and thinks bothly

to create an intuitive moment

in deciding the nature of the narrative

i am not inside

i physically look farther away to see what is in front of me

it can be whatever

the shorter the better

influence of ones’ old soul

a melancholy principle

he is moral tradition

staring out the window more often than not

the mundane activity

the fire and the tension

the sense of lull

however too many, the moments

hate of watching

one thing can lead

i am not getting closer to what runs through my veins

it is beautiful isn’t it?

what i lose is mystery

what I gain is more and more bits of the unknown

who knows who wants to?

they represent more than one message can give

check the files

back up the archives

so what is so important about this one?

independence was the only choice

he is and was the things i do not know

of all the people he could take to

before the end of his time

he talked to me

as who we are, not as we’d like to be

there is nothing stopping